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Edgewater, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County

Address: 183 Mitchells Chance Road, Edgewater, MD 21037

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Mystic Tan
  • Single session


  • 30 days' unlimited Mystic Tan HD spray tans



Buy 2 Mystic Tan HD sessions, get one FREE!

Thanks to the new Mystic Tan HD process, you can now enjoy a natural golden glow in less than five minutes which will last for about a week.


An improvement over the original Mystic Tan Booth, the Mystic Tan HD system is a streamedlined process that provides a quick, natural looking tan without hassle of applying self tanner at home.


Tropical Exposure Tanning's competitively priced Mystic Tan HD procedure is available

to all of Edgewater and Maryland customers.

Mystic Tan HD — an alternative to conventional tanning

Find out how Mystic Tan HD works

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Quick and easy UV-free tanning for a natural looking glow

You start a Mystic Tan HD session by choosing from three shades of desired color. Not sure about the shade of color? Our professional Tanning Consultants will help you pick the right shade to match your skin color and type and your preference.


Each tan session is customized with your choice of a refreshing aroma, a tan enhancer / accelerator or a cosmetic bronzer (or any combination of the 3 available additives).  


You can put your mind to rest concerning privacy and safety. The session takes place

in an entirely private booth. Helping you through the process will be easy-to-understand vocal instructions.


Since you start with your very own cartridge every time, colors always come out consistently. The heated drying cycle after each session will leave behind an even and natural tan.  


Worried that the spray will turn you orange? You don't have to be if you follow a few simple guidelines.


1. Always keep your skin moisturized so that the solution reacts well with your skin. The several high-quality skin care products, including lotions, will help your skin respond well to the spray and will also help the tan last longer.


2. A gap of 4-6 hours should be maintained between your Mystic Tan HD session and

your next bath. An ideal thing to do is take the session late in the day and leave

the solution on overnight.


3. Avoid applying heavy lotions or creams immediately before your session as these can prevent the solution from being absorbed effectively.


A short video explaining the Mystic Tan HD process will be shown to you the first time you visit our tanning salon. If you still have questions, you can always speak to our friendly staff or visit the Mystic Tan HD website.

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